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Custom Boxes Resources | Brandable Box

Here you’ll find resources on how to calculate weight for shipping, tips on how to create a successful shipping process, e-commerce solutions, and more. We're here to be a small business resource for you.

Box It Up: A Small Business Guide to Shipping Boxes

Are you a small business who needs to ship? Good, this guide is for you. Whether you’re a small business (or a big bu...

How To Measure a Box for Shipping: The Complete Guide [Video]

There’s a lot of nuance in finding the perfect shipping box. It’s about protecting your small business’s products and...

Recycled Shipping Boxes: How Brandable Box Stays True To Values

Over 30% of all U.S. garbage is made up of packaging. Yep, all U.S. garbage. That’s a massive number that can’t be ig...

What Logo Formats Look Best For Cardboard Printing

The Best File Formats For Your Logo Upload While Brandable Box currently accepts all artwork formats, there are some ...

3 Surprising Ways Custom Shipping Boxes Can Boost Your Small Business

There’s an old saying — you may have heard it once or twice — that goes: “Never judge a book by it’s cover.” It’s sou...

How Brandable Box Helps You Save On Shipping Boxes

If you own an ecommerce business, you have to use boxes. And buying those shipping boxes shouldn’t have to be hard be...

Brandable Box Deals & Offers

Updated as of January 2020. The team behind Brandable Box is all about helping your small business get big savings. W...

Here's How to Celebrate Arbor Day

There are more ways to pay homage to the environment than ever before. 

How Your Brand Benefits from Using Sustainable Packaging

The Brand Benefits from Sustainable Packaging

Meet Brandable Box: Custom Shipping Boxes For Your Business

Your business is more than just your product. Each touchpoint you have with your customer is an extension of your bra...

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