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Here you’ll find resources on how to calculate weight for shipping, tips on how to create a successful shipping process, e-commerce solutions, and more. We're here to be a small business resource for you.

A Guide To Colors On Cardboard

This post was updated on January 21, 2020. Looking for a custom shipping box option that won’t break the bank? We we...

Holiday Gift Guide 2019 [Video]

This year, we were lucky to serve custom shipping boxes to thousands of business owners. Along our journey together, ...

How To Find The Best Box Size For My Product

As a small business owner, your brand is important to ensuring your customer knows who you are and why they need your...

3 Tips to Build a Winning Box Design For Your Business

Your product box is a simple and often overlooked avenue to use as a branding tool. You’ve spent hours crafting how y...

Eco Packaging Helps You Ship The Sustainable Way

On our home calendars, the holiday season has not yet begun. But for ecommerce store owners and business owners like ...

When To Use Custom Boxes, Custom Tape or Custom Stickers

Custom boxes, custom tape and custom stickers … it’s a lot to choose from. And how do you know which option is going ...

Corrugated Boxes 101: An Overview

You want your package to arrive safe and sound, so you use corrugated boxes. But why did you choose these boxes for y...

Custom Packaging: Not Just For Big Companies Anymore

When it comes to your small business, custom boxes can help improve your branding, allow you to gain exposure and inc...

Corrugated Boxes vs Plastic Packaging, Which is Better for Your Business?

Let’s be honest. There wasn’t an emphasis on environmentally-friendly business practices until recently. Before the ...

What Logo Formats Look Best For Cardboard Printing

The Best File Formats For Your Logo Upload While Brandable Box currently accepts all artwork formats, there are some ...

How Your Brand Benefits from Using Sustainable Packaging

The Brand Benefits from Sustainable Packaging
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