Logo Guidelines for Custom Boxes | Brandable Box

Welcome to the Brandable Box Logo Guidelines

Looking for logo guidelines? Here you’ll find everything you need to know about uploading your logo for printing with Brandable Box. So check out our simple logo guidelines below, and get one step closer to an unforgettable branded experience.
Design Resource
Have your designed ready for printing? Our die line guide will help your design team determine which logo size and style will work best.
Preparing Logo Files
Need some pointers on getting the best print quality out of your logo? We've compiled some helpful tips to get the most of your logo file.
Logo Solutions
We've picked out a few sites that can help you optimize your logo for print if your file isn't ready or if you don't yet have a logo.
Note: We print what we are sent and do not provide design services. Following these guidelines will result in a better print and prevent delay or cancellation of your order if your file is found to be unprintable.
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