A Guide To Your Logo Colors On Cardboard | Brandable Box

A Guide To Colors On Cardboard

Remember when uploading your logo:

Cooler and more vibrant colors will be more crisp than warmer or pastel colors on kraft brown materials.

Use the chart below to if your logo colors will create contrast when printed.

A few guidelines for colors on kraft brown cardboard include: 

  • Black looks best on kraft
  • Higher saturation and deeper colors, include purples, greens and deep blues, look great
  • Avoid red if you are hoping for a true bright red
  • Yellows and oranges usually won't print as vibrant 

If your logo is white, it's important to note that our printing process cannot support spot-color applications for white ink at this time. White elements on your logo will not print onto your box, but instead show as the cardboard color. White registers with our 4-color printer as zero values and so the printer does not use any ink in that space.

Wondering what kind of file format to upload your logo in? Read more here