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How Brandable Box Helps You Save On Shipping Boxes

If you own an ecommerce business, you have to use boxes. And buying those shipping boxes shouldn’t have to be hard because it’s… a box. What our team strives to do is make buying boxes easy. No complicated pricing matrices, no confusing box size grids and no more endless product pages. We’re keeping Brandable Box easy for you and easy for us by offering ten standard box sizes in kraft brown or mottled white at an affordable low price. When you buy in bulk, or truckload quantities, you get the best bang for your buck. Your small business doesn’t have to stress about boxes any longer. Here’s how we do it.

Ten Sizes Means Simplicity

Our team wants to make the process of buying shipping boxes simple. The very last thing we want is for you, as a small business owner, to have to choose from hundreds of box sizes that may or may not work. We want the shopping process for you to be good and easy. With only ten sizes to choose from, you won’t have to scroll through pages of boxes trying to decide which one to pick. Most importantly, our box sizes will ship goods from as small as your artisanal soap to as large as your long-distance hiking backpacks.

Only having ten box sizes in our inventory saves us a massive amount of space. Why does that make a difference for you? Less inventory leads to a couple of things including fewer steps in the process between you and your boxes and more time to focus on your needs. Plus, offering only ten box sizes means there's less waste. Ultimately, these things all work together to make sure you get your boxes in a fast and efficient manner.

Recycled Shipping Boxes Help Save The Planet

The majority of businesses use the standard and very familiar kraft brown boxes. One major advantage of using kraft is that it’s the most natural material. It doesn’t have to be printed or processed with color meaning it can be truly 100% recycled. Sticking to our core values, our team chooses to practice what we preach and offer 100% recycled kraft brown boxes and partially recycled mottled white boxes.

Low Prices For High Quality Boxes

One of our ten sizes will almost certainly get the shipping job done. They’re the same quality as our competitors with a 32 ECT (Edge Crush Test). The key differentiator? Our boxes are made from 100% recycled materials and you can print your logo on it. So how are we able to keep prices so low for such high quality boxes?

We pride ourselves on helping small businesses get branded packaging easily and affordably. If you want a plain corrugated shipping box with your logo on it, you’ll have to pay almost double from any other custom box company. Brandable Box offers you an easy way to start your custom box journey. Just upload your logo and choose how you want it to print. We use flat pricing: no increase in price as your quantity goes up. If you do find a lower price, tell us! We’ll price match it and give you free shipping.

Wondering what the competitor charges for custom packaging? Our branded boxes may save you some big money. Brandable Box doesn’t have just a box for everyone, but it has a deal for everyone. From flat pricing to free shipping, your small business won’t have to sacrifice the quality of your shipping boxes to get a good deal. Now you can get both.

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