Does Sustainability Bring New Customers? | Brandable Box

Grow Your Customer Base With Sustainable Packaging

Sustainability isn’t out of reach for small businesses anymore. In fact, it’s entirely possible to boost your sales because of your commitment to sustainability. By 2021, the sustainability market will reach $150 billion as more and more consumers choose products that are healthy for the world. So how can your business capitalize on this market? Sustainable packaging.

Create an eco-friendly marketing strategy
Some easy marketing? Add your logo to your packaging. Your consumers will know immediately what order they just received and will likely be impressed with the branding. Plus, with branded shipping boxes, you’ll avoid wasting paper by excluding flyers, brochures and other promotional materials that often don’t make it to the recycling bin.

Assess your current packaging efforts
Is your business using sustainable packaging? Shipping boxes that are truly made from 100% recycled materials? Once you know what kind of shipping boxes you’re sending out, you can incorporate that into your marketing strategy. You’ll also have answers for your customers when they ask where your raw materials or packaging comes from.

Turn your existing customers into repeat customers and draw in new customers with your commitment to sustainability. Read more here on how to grow your customer base with green packaging.